"Final Render"
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Example.16: Division & Rotation & Combination
(AE5.5 STD)

AE-TIPS 16 : Adobe After Effects CS5 (
Resolution: 640x480
Third-Party AE Plugins:
- No Use
Third-Party Footages:
- No Use

Creating the Logo Material 1

Create A Logo Material by Illustrator and Photoshop.
Prepare the Two kinds.
"AfterEffects" and "MotionGraphics" this time.

* It is "Transparent" that you look black.

Creating the Logo Material 2

Create Another Material.
Create The Fill Material for Custom Map by Photoshop etc.
Create The Material which "1 Pixel extended to outside".
and Paint Fill "White"

* Each character part should not join together.
* It is "Transparent" that you look black.

"Shatter 1"
(177 KB)

Division by Shatter 1

Put The Material of STEP1-2 into a New Composition.
Turn Off The eyeball icon of STEP2.(Layer Invisible)
Select the Layer of Step1.
Apply Effect > Simulation > Shatter.
Assign The Layer of STEP2 to "Custom Shape Pattern"
You can divide the character by character shape.

Adjust the key frame "Y rotation of a Camera Position".

View Effect Controls Window

"Shatter 2"
(193 KB)

Division by Shatter 2

Also, Divide the "MotionGraphics" as STEP3.
Put Keyframe into Rotate to an opposite direction.

"Final Render"
(354 KB)


It will complete if you composite the Material of STEP3-4.
Select The layer of "MotionGraphics",
Apply "TimeRemap".

Adjust Opacity so that Two-Logo interchanges.

View Timeline Window