"Final Render"
Example.46: Looping Sky
(AE5.5 PRO & Trapcode Shine)

AE-TIPS 46 : Adobe After Effects CS5 (
Resolution: 640x480
Third-Party AE Plugins:

- Knoll Light Factory
- Trapcode Shine
Third-Party Footages:
- No Use

"Fractal Noise "

Create Clouds Element

It is introduction of "Looing Sky".

Create a New Composition. (640x480)180 frame.
Create a New Black Solid. (640x480)
Apply Effect > Render > Fractal Noise.
Adjust Parameter to look like Clouds.

View Effect Controls Window
"Fractal Noise"

"Loop Fractal "

Create Loop

Put the STEP1 into New Composition (120 frame).
Divide the Layer.
Animate the Keyframe "Opacity".

View Timeline Window

"3D Camera"

3D Camera

Put the STEP2 into New Composition.
Turn on "3D Layer Switch".
Create a New Camera.
Adjust Position and Rotate Parameter.

View Timeline Window


Create Mask

Put the STEP3 into New Composition.
Apply Mask.
Apply Mask Feather "0,200".

View Composition Window


Trapcode Shine

Put the STEP4 into New Composition.
Apply Effect > Knoll > Unmult.
Apply Effect > Trapcode > Shine.
Adjust the parameter "Source Point".

* You can get the Plug-in "Knoll Unmult".

View Effect Controls Window
"Knoll Unmult" "Trapcode Shine" etc.

Create Background

Create New Composition.
Create New Solid.
Apply Effect > Render > Ramp.
Adjust Color Grad.
Apply Effect > Render > Lens Flare.
Adjust the patameter.

View Large Picture

"Final Render"


Put the STEP4 & STEP5 & STEP6 into New Composition.
Adjust the Parameter to look like Natural Sky.

Create the Front Elements as you like.

View Timeline Window

The detail information about "Trapcode Plug-in"
Trapcode http://www.trapcode.com/