"Final Render"
Example.50: Photo Mosaic
(AE6.0 PRO & Trapcode Starglow)

AE-TIPS 50 : Adobe After Effects CS5 (
Resolution: 640x480
Third-Party AE Plugins:

- Trapcode Staglow
Third-Party Footages:
- No Use

At First

This is an application of Tips31 and Tips49.
It is introduction of "Photo Mosaic".
Another name "Photo Montage" "Photo Collage"

Prepare the picture from Stock Footage etc.

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Create Photo Mosaic

Using PhotoMosaic Utility Software.
I used "MacOSaiX".

Image Size 2600x1950 pixels.
Rows 50:Columns 50.

For MacOSX User "MacOSaiX"
For Windows User "Andrea Mosaic"

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640x480 Sample
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Area 640x480 from 2600x1950

Create Fractal Noise

In AfterEffects.
Create New Composition and New Solid. (640x480)
Effects > Noise > Fractal Noise.
Adjust parameter.

Create New Solid. (640x480)
Effects > Render > Color Curve.
Adjust parameter.

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"Fractal Noise" etc.
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"Card Dance "

Card Dance Plug-in

If you use Card Dance Plug-in.
You can create Concavo-convex expression.

Create New Composition. (640x480)
Put the Material STEP3 into this.
Put the Material STEP2(2600x1950) into this.

Turn on Only STEP2 Layer.
Apply Effect > Simulation > Card Dance.
"STEP3 Fractal Noise" assign to Gradation Layer.
Adjust other parameter.

* The detail information about "Card Dance"

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"Card Dance"
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Add Glow Effect

Put the Material STEP4 into a New Composition.
Apply Effect >Trapcode > Starglow.
Adjust to Parameter.

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"Trapcode Starglow"
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The detail information about "Trapcode Starglow"
Trapcode http://www.trapcode.com/