"Final Render"
(1010 KB)
Example.53: Typographic Logo
(AE6.5 & Trapcode Starglow)

AE-TIPS 53 : Adobe After Effects CS5 (
Resolution: 640x480
Third-Party AE Plugins:

- Trapcode Starglow
Third-Party Footages:
- No Use

Create Mask Path

At First.
Create Outline Path using Adobe Illustrator.
(640x480 pixels)
Copy and Paste these Path to AfterEffects.
(CompName : AE53-1_MaskPath)

View Timeline Window
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"Text Animation 1"
(74 KB)

Text Animation 1

Create New Text Layer and Type the Text.
" .www.ayatoweb.com.motion.graphics.design.creative. "
Adjust Text Size and Font type.

Select this Text Layer.
Menu - Layer > Mask > New Mask.
Copy and Paste from "swirl of STEP1" to Mask Keyframe(001F).
Copy and Paste from "a" to Mask Keyframe(059F).
Change Mask Name to "Animation Path".

Choose "Animation Path" from Path option property.
(CompName : AE53-2_TextAnim)

ViewText Palette
View Timeline Window

"Text Animation 2 "
(74 KB)

Text Animation 2

Add "Scale" Text Property from "Animate:" Mini Menu.
Add "Wiggly" Property from "Add:" Mini Menu.
Adjust Parameter.

(CompName : AE53-3_RandamScale)

View Timeline Window

"All Text Anim"
(590 KB)

Create All Text

Create Other Text Animation.
Apply STEP2-STEP3 to other text.

(CompName : AE53-4_AllText)

View Timeline Window

Glow Effect

Put the Comp STEP4 into a New Composition.
(CompName : AE53-5_Starglow)

Apply Effect > Trapcode > Starglow.
Adjust to Parameter.

Trapcode Plug-ins are Third Party Plug-ins.

View Effect Controls Window
"Trapcode Starglow"

Background Footage

Create Background Footage using Photoshop etc.
(CompName : AE53-6_Back)

"Fractal Noise "
(796 KB)

Fractal Noise Animation

Create NewComposition and NewSolid.
(CompName : AE53-7_Fractal)

Apply Effect > Noise > Fractal Noise.
Adjust to Parameter.

Create two Fractal Animation.
(Up Animaton and Down Animation)
D ivide two Animation in center.

View Effect Controls Window
"Fractal Noise"
View Timeline Window

(350 KB)


Put the Material STEP6-7 into a New Composition.
(CompName : AE53-8_BackAnim)

Select Fractal Layer.
Apply Transfer Mode to "Overlay".

View Timeline Window

"Final Movie "
(1010 KB)

Final Composite and Finish

Put the Material STEP5 and 8 into a New Composition.
(CompName : AE53-9_Fin)

Select Logo Layer.
Apply Transfer Mode to "Add".

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The detail information about "Trapcode Starglow"
Trapcode http://www.trapcode.com/