"Final Render"
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Example.20: Aurora Curtain
(AE5.5 PRO)

AE-TIPS 20 : Adobe After Effects CS5 (
Resolution: 640x480
Third-Party AE Plugins:

- Knoll Light Factory
Third-Party Footages:
- No Use

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Creation of Fractal animation

Create a New Solid in a New Composition.
Apply Effect > Render > Fractal Noise.
Adjust parameter to look like a curtain.

View Effect Controls Window
"Fractal Noise"

Leaning using Basic 3D

Put The Material of STEP1 into a New Composition.
Apply Effect > Parspective > Basic 3D.

* When you are using AfterEffects 5.0J or later,
You may use "3D Layer Function."

View Effect Controls Window
"Basic 3D"

Preparation of a still picture Material

Use Photoshop etc.
Create The still picture Material of an Aurora like color tone.
It is spoilt if the Material which is sufficient here cannot be created.

Composite Layer

Put The Material of STEP2-3 into a New Composition.
Apply "Transfer mode" and "Track Matte"
Adjust a color tone.

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"Final Render"
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Apply "Lens Flare" as a dessert.

I like this kind of background.

More information about "Knoll Light Factory"