"Final Render"
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Example.28: Card Dance Flag
(AE5.5 PRO)

AE-TIPS 28 : Adobe After Effects CS5 (
Resolution: 640x480
Third-Party AE Plugins:
- No Use
Third-Party Footages:
- No Use

Preparation of a Flag Material

In "Example.02: Looping Flag",
Although the Flag was created using Third Party Plug-in.
I want to Express only by Production Bundle.
Quality is although this one may be Lower.

Firest, Prepare the flag Mapping Material.

Creating the Fractal Material

Create The Fractal Material for Displacement.
Create a New Solid in a New Composition.
Apply Effect > Render > Fractal Noise.
Apply Animation in 4 seconds.

View Effect Controls Window
"Fractal Noise"

"Loop Material"
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The Fractal Material which can Loop

Create the loop using the Material of STEP2.
Create The Material in 3 seconds.
Apply Dissolve at a loop Material using 1 seconds of it.

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The Shade is Attached to a Mapping Material

Put The Material of STEP2-3 into a New Composition.
Put The Layer of STEP3 on the Layer of STEP2.
Apply "Multiply" or "Overlay" to The Layer of STEP3.

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"Final Render"
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Card Dance

Put The Material of STEP3-4 into a New Composition.
Turn Off The eyeball icon of STEP3.(Layer Invisible)
Apply Effect > Simulation > Card Dance.
Adjust a parameter to look like a "Flag".

* You can get the Plug-in "Card Dance" from "www.adobe.com"

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"Card Dance"